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An idea for a mental health project

An idea for a mental health project

So. I live near Crawley, albeit in a small village and, due to various events in my life, I care about mental health provision and about reaching out to people who either don’t know help […]

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Hope and Jeremy Corbyn

Hope and Jeremy Corbyn

If you want to know about hope, ask someone who has lived without it. Ask someone whose hope slowly fell away until they were lying, inanimate in bed, unable to see the point even in […]

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Depression and Air Ace Picture Library: an unlikely unity

Depression and Air Ace Picture Library: an unlikely unity

I love comics and, I hope, always will. Someone who learns to sneer at what they once loved with a child’s certainty is a vile human being with no place anywhere near me. On Saturdays, […]

Jun, 06
Manchester: a personal reflection

Manchester: a personal reflection

A friend died in the July 7 bombings. She wasn’t a close friend, but we had lunch on occasion, spoke on the phone and she came to my wedding, giving me and my then wife […]

May, 23
Hating beige (and Theresa May)

Hating beige (and Theresa May)

How do you hate beige? I mean, it’s just a bland colour, the kind of thing you’d paint the toilet or that small room under the stairs, surrendering to a brief lapse in imagination and […]

May, 20

Creative agencies are a massive load of horsewank

If you want to see Capitalism 101 teaching a few, hard lessons, just spend time with any creative agency. Not that it matters what sort of creativity they are involved with, from copywriting to digital […]

May, 17


I was lucky as a kid. I was bored a lot of the time. Growing up as an only child meant that I had nobody to spar against and having parents who deemed time well […]

May, 08

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