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Read and marvel


I read a lot of blogs. Something about depression suits the slight navel-gazing inherent in blogging about your innermost thoughts, with the result that I’ve read a vast number of accounts of breakdowns, recoveries and relapses. Some are good, some are not so good, but there are three things that stand out. And the first is a name.

That name is Yaholo Hoyt. At the lowest point of one of many relapses, I read a post of his that said that people, in stark contrast to what I was told at church, frequently get much, much more to deal with than they can cope with. We live in a broken, messed-up world and taking refuge in trite aphorisms about God giving you as much as you could deal with were deeply flawed and unrealistic.

At the time, that seemed like a rope that had been let down into my cell and which offered respite from the circle of self-hate I was in at the time. If you want to, find him at or on Twitter at @yoholo and even if I’ve never read anything that connects as sharply or that feels as true as the post about getting more than you can deal with, he seems like a genius.

The other two are both blog posts. The first gives a common sense guide to living with and loving someone who is battling depression and can be found at while the second is about what a particular sufferer of this foul condition learned is at

Go there and drink in the wisdom but, more than anything else, the one thing that sets these two pieces apart is their spirit of practical compassion that deserves to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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