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Not really. This post is about suffering, but as anything with kittens in seems to get an absurd level of interest on social media, I have suckered you in with a small lie and a picture of my cat, who is my own true furry love. You can go if you want, but it’s going to get interesting.

I used to go to an evangelical church which I’m glad I went to and even more glad I survived with my sanity and belief in God intact. If I had a pound for every time I heard someone there say that ‘if God takes you to it he takes you through it,’ or some variant thereof, I’d have many pounds. And because I respect you, I’m going to call this for what it is.

Firstly, it’s balls. Secondly, it’s bad theology.

God does not make people suffer, and doesn’t ‘take you to it.’ He didn’t make me marry someone who has bipolar. I did that all by myself. He didn’t push the button or pull the trigger on the missile system that knocked down the Malaysian airline flight and he’s not killing Palestinians in Gaza for shits and giggles. We’re doing that all by ourselves. Us. God might wonder why we’re doing it, but the blame for those hurtful actions lies with humanity.

Make no mistake. God knows what it’s like to suffer. He sent us his only Son and we responded by spitting on Him, scorning him and nailing Him to a cross so that he could die the death of someone in disgrace and do so in agony. And that is why he’s with the people who were shot out of the sky in the Ukraine and the people who are dying for the whims of a genocidal maniac in Palestine. He’s been there.

Each time we set out to kill or maim, we hurt God. And He doesn’t want us to do that. At all. He wonders why we want to hurt each other so. But these things are a product of our choices, badly made. If we cared and we lived out the stuff in the Bible, we simply wouldn’t do this. The New Testament is a radical way of reimagining ourselves and our lives and it’s destined to make us question these choices and see them for what they are.

So God doesn’t bring you to it. But there is no better entity to lean on while you’re wading through shit, whether it’s of your own doing or just sheer bad luck, than the one who can count the hairs on your head or knows all the dark secrets of your heart and loves you through all of it.

In the end, this is why I’m a Christian. I might be a rubbish Christian and quite amazingly bad at it, but He’s the one I’m throwing my lot in with. The God who suffers with us and loves us for all the world.



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