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This article was written on 26 Jul 2014, and is filled under Uncategorized.

A fine plan


So. I have 60,000 words of book. It’s structured around the conversations I’ve been having with people since depression first broke over me like a really rubbish wave. There’s probably another 50,000 still to come, but I feel like the narrative has decisively turned for home.

My question, world, is what I do next. Do I try and write the narrative in my spare time, which is sort of working without ever giving me time to immerse myself in it and iron out its problems, or do I embrace the zeitgeist, have faith in my own talent and try and crowdsource the funding?

I’ve spent time on and it looks like the way forward, but then, of course they’ll say that. If anyone reading this – and that seems to be about eight of you, but I’m not proud – have something to add, then I want to hear it.

Should this crowdfunding idea actually have wings, then I am prepared to travel the world talking to your organisation about mental health, my book and anything else you want me to do. Yes, I am that shameless, but yes, I also believe in this book project and want to see it get off the ground. All of my life is here, viewed through a prism of recovery from a breakdown and it feels important.

There. Rant over. Any comments, drop me an email.

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