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This article was written on 30 Jul 2015, and is filled under Uncategorized.


There now follows an extended attempt to explain something which I may get wrong. And if I do, I expect the good people of the Twitterverse and the blogosphere to put me right. Which I’m sure they will. Here goes.

As a bloke who is in sympathy with what, in heavy inverted commas, is known as ‘feminism,’ I’m drawing a fair amount of fire and being accused of a status that varies from ‘mangina’ to something that rhymes with punt. None of this bothers me in the slightest as I’m not completely insecure and I’m also six three, so if any of these nutters did actually show up, I’d not be terribly bothered.

Of more concern is the place I’m arguing from. It’s completely and utterly instinctive and isn’t based on any concrete understanding of feminism, so much as a massive dislike of bullies and a recognition that life is massively skewed in favour of a corrosive type of masculinity that is toxic to men and utterly deadly to the objects of its ire.

For this reason, I realise that the arguments I’ve been having on Twitter which, while slightly compulsive and a probable indicator that I’m still grappling with mental health stuff, are probably best had by people who know more about the issues involved than me and aren’t so clumsy.

My understanding of men’s role in this is that when we’re invited into any situation we end up dominating the debate. And so, in this case, what we really need to do is to shut up until we’re asked for our opinions and then come in on the side of the feminists. And know that we need to shut up again. Just as debates on slain people of colour need to be led by them and supported by white people when they’re asked, these debates need to be led by women with a minor walk on role for men.

There are men’s issues that need to be talked about, not least the way that porn leads men’s attitudes to sex, a complete inability to let ourselves be anything other than two dimensional archetypes and attitudes to anyone who isn’t a white heterosexual, but none of these have anything to do with feminism. They’re a prison we made for ourselves and we need to break it down by the same means.

That’s it. Not wildly contentious, perhaps, but it needed to be said. And if you’re reading this and you’re a feminist, any time you want support, know that you have it in abundance.

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