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I’m about to embark on something and time will tell whether it’s a realistic expectation or wildly optimistic scheme that has no possibility of coming of. Should you be in a position to help, then I want to hear from you. And if not, then you can watch me try to realise something. All are welcome.

At the time of writing, I have a PhD thesis lodged with a reputable UK university that has conditional acceptance. This PhD is about the effect of PTSD on men’s self-image and ability to exist in the world. It may, depending on my ability to find case studies, also take in genital injury as the ultimate affront to socially constructed ideas of maleness.

Should any of you be sufficiently interested in this to want to see the three page proposal, then I’ll send it to you via email. This will involve you finding out who I am as it’ll be sent from my personal email address, but the chance of you wrecking a life that appears to be fairly minimal already are not very high and my conscience is clear.

What I need, however, is funding.

I’ll need to pay the course fees and also need to live while I’m doing the PhD, which means buying things like food and bog roll, as well as paying my rent. This leads me to think that I’ll need a part-time job and that I’ll also need to study the PhD part-time, too, as there’s simply no way and, being slightly mad, I’ll need some breathing space for my periodically deranged head.

What I’d like to know, from you, is which crowd-funding websites give the best yield, whether this is the best option and, ideally, that there is a millionaire out there who wants to make all my dreams come true by writing a massive cheque.

Any responses which look even fleetingly sane will be gratefully received.

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