Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

This country is facing the wrong way

This country is facing the wrong way. It’s facing backwards, endlessly picking over its own past and, incredibly, getting it wrong, while other nations don’t seem to be similarly encumbered. At least, not to the […]

Jan, 29


I have depression. That depression is eased by playing games, many of which involve shooting people, which I find cathartic. I do not condone shooting people and generally consider myself to be a pacifist. In […]

Jan, 27

Phones, capitalism and the principle of redundancy

Capitalism wants you to buy more stuff. It’s how the system works. Each time people try and replace capitalism, people die on a large scale either because the beast is so tenacious or because the […]

Jan, 27

Jeremy Corbyn, the SNP and me

I find myself feeling massively conflicted. There’s the emergent Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, which is espousing genuine Labour values for the first time since the leering sociopath Tony Blair took power, and then there’s […]

Jan, 23


Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian army officer who supported the Nazis. As they invaded his country in 1940, he sought to become part of the new Nazi government and earned the lasting enmity of all […]

Jan, 22

Why I’m a feminist ally – and why it matters

Hello, men. We’re killing ourselves. Literally. The suicide rate for men in my age group is endemic and the last time I read up on the subject, men tend to select violent and inevitably fatal […]

Jan, 21

In which I get my very own troll

I have a troll. No big deal, as I think I know who it is, but someone keeps leaving comments on my blog which are just downright bizarre and which single out various women that […]

Jan, 21


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