Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

No cheers for democracy

This post may well be illegal, if the words coming out of David Cameron’s mouth are to be believed, in which case, ‘meh’. I’ll happily answer any questions the police might like to pose to […]

Jan, 20


If there’s one thing I wanted this blog to be about, it’s telling the truth, even if it hurts or if it’s embarrassing. And in that spirit, this one is going to take a look […]

Jan, 15

I want to get out of this place

I’ve just had an argument with a family member on the premise that I think this isn’t my country. To avoid future, intra-familial rucks, my comment when asked about politics or what I think about […]

Jan, 08

An open letter to Matt Haig

Hello Matt. You don’t know me, but we have some things in common. We both come from the same region, we’re both writers and we both suffer from depression. There the similarities end because while […]

Jan, 07

Statement of treason

I’m posting rather a lot on Twitter these days and scarcely an hour goes by when someone from UKIP or a fellow traveller accuses me of treason. For their benefit, and to clear things up, […]

Jan, 07


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