Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Radical caring

What’s the most radical thing you can do in a capitalist society? The one thing that is so, truly counter-cultural that you could bring the system down by doing it? The one way that you […]

Feb, 29


I look bonkers because I am bonkers. A truth, simply stated. My favoured attire right now are jeans with turn-ups that I glued on at around two in the morning, German army boots, a long […]

Feb, 29


I have concerns about women-only safe spaces. And by concerns, I think that women should have said safe spaces wherever and whenever they’re needed. Men’s role, if we have one at all, is to support […]

Feb, 26

In praise of Ian Nairn

What does it mean to behold idiocy in all its awfulness and not shamble along with it on the nice, anodyne and easy path, but to rage, rage, rage against it? In the end, it […]

Feb, 26

Workplace bullying

DISCLAIMER: All names in this piece are disguised in a slightly halfarsed manner. Should any employment lawyers be reading this and want to take on Hatmarket Publishing, please know that I can’t pay you but […]

Feb, 25

The boy maketh the man

I was a vile, vile child, not helped by how I grew up. My parents sent me to school each day in a uniform that managed to be both regulation and, at the same time, […]

Feb, 23

The angry Quaker

On my shelves, I have a copy of the ‘Beezer’ book from sometime in the early sixties. In amongst the cartoons about Ginger, the young tearaway, Kup, the young man from the flying saucer and the […]

Feb, 22


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