Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage


My stance on freedom was set out by Franklin Roosevelt in his 1941 State of the Union speech to Congress. They were drawn, quite, quite beautifully, by Norman Rockwell, who is unfairly derided as  an […]

Mar, 30

The age of consent

If you make noises around the relaxation of the age of consent, people, and that includes me, are going to question your motives. Right now, I’m on the cusp of my 43rd birthday. I’d no […]

Mar, 30

What if there was a march…

What if there was a march of the disabled and the dispossessed, who believe that they should be allowed, by our Government, to live in dignity without fear of sanction or in the shadow of […]

Mar, 29

Losing social spaces

When a society starts losing social spaces, that society loses coherence and starts to die. Just look at how this government views them. Libraries are closing and librarians are being made redundant. The Telegraph, which […]

Mar, 29

PC gone sane

‘“It’s PC gone mad.” Behind this tatty, shopworn banner march all manner of credulous idiots who would absolutely hate it if tables were turned and people started telling them what, in their minds, was the […]

Mar, 27

The shite men who like football

It’s very easy to make white men feel threatened. A recent survey revealed that when a certain percentage of women, way lower than 50% were talking, men felt marginalised. Even when a comparatively small percentage […]

Mar, 26

Cultural relativism is toss

Once upon a time, there was a professor at either Oxford or Cambridge. I can’t remember which and it’s not important.He gave his students a series of poems and asked them to choose the best. […]

Mar, 26


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