Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage


This article was written on 29 Mar 2016, and is filled under Uncategorised.

What if there was a march…

What if there was a march of the disabled and the dispossessed, who believe that they should be allowed, by our Government, to live in dignity without fear of sanction or in the shadow of benefits being arbitrarily withdrawn for the tiniest infraction?

What if that march started out in Jarrow, where the marchers started out generations ago, and what if the ragged band of bloody minded sods didn’t go to the Houses of Parliament or to 10 Downing Street and demanded to be heard and demanded that the bastard cuts, branded as reforms by witless imbeciles, be revoked?

Probably nothing, in reality, but it feels for me like it’d be fractionally better than shouting at Stephen Crabb each time he’s on the TV or the radio and hating Cameron with every fibre of my being. If someone wants to organise it, if they want me to help organise it or if they think there’s enough interest in taking the idea forward, get in touch.

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