Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Hateful columnists are massive old wankers

Aliens have come to Earth. They look just like us and have integrated seamlessly with the rest of the population. Relations between the two species are proceeding amicably and we find their interest in us […]

Mar, 25

The NUSisation of politics

The NUS has gone from an earnest but occasionally useful organisation, to a public laughing stock. They do good work, but it’s drowned out by a blizzard of idiotic initiatives from no-platforming people who happen […]

Mar, 25

In memoriam: Johan Cruyff

So Johan Cruyff died. To people used to the admittedly opulent skills of Messi at Barcelona or Ronaldo at Real, he perhaps seems like a name from another age, no more relevant than Pele, who […]

Mar, 24

The price of admission

What follows is a wholly personal reflection on something that is highly individual. I should say now that I recognise that this is wholly unique to me and I don’t expect anyone else, from friends […]

Mar, 21

Joining the SNP

If you were in a prisoner of war camp and someone suddenly vaulted over the wire and ran for their freedom, what would you do? Me, I’d cheer them on and do anything to distract […]

Mar, 18

Christianity IS political

When an idea or concept to exists out in the world, it almost inevitably becomes political, aligned through a complex process, between right and left, libertarian and authoritarian. For me, faith is just such a […]

Mar, 17

Modern music is slavery

What if you went through your entire life thinking that One Direction were completely acceptable and that anything shat out by Simon Cowell’s remorseless factory of pap was just what music was? Well, I think […]

Mar, 17


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