Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Managed decline

French people talk in terms of the ‘trentes glorieuses,’ the thirty years after the second world war in which living standards only increased. In the UK, Harold Macmillan said with some justification that we’d ‘never […]

May, 09

The trans bathroom argument

My opinion on gender is that there are two. There are people with XX chromosomes and people with XY chromosomes. No matter what you do, or don’t do, with your genitals, that fact remains the […]

May, 09

Disavowing masculinity

I wrote yesterday about how I’m not getting involved with anything that looks or smells like activism again. Activism will, I’m sure, survive pretty well without me. But as I divest myself of worldly concerns, […]

May, 06

MRAs, feminism and giving up

Twitter radicalised me. It made me care about issues, made me feel as though I had a stake in helping to make society better. For nearly two years now, I’ve taken part in online campaigns, […]

May, 06

On voting and stupidity

Are you ready for an opinion that no politician will be brave enough to share? Here it comes. Most of the people in this country are stupid. Absolutely and utterly stupid. The have the intelligence […]

May, 05


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