Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Breaking cover

This is probably going to cost me followers, but this blog was set up so that I could be as honest as I possibly can while preserving my anonymity. This anonymity has previously existed because […]

Jun, 30

Rediscovering kindness and a sort of courage

Deciding that you’re going to be against racism and hatred in Mid Sussex is a bit like deciding that you’re in favour of large blocs of colour in the Rothko Room at the Tate Modern, […]

Jun, 29


As it became clear that Hitler was appallingly crackers, several plots formed whose intention was to assassinate him. All had various motivations from, in the thirties, killing a lunatic who was clearly going to drag […]

Jun, 27

Scorched earth

I volunteer out on the streets, with drunks and the homeless, at weekends. And I also donate blood platelets. The decision I’ve come to is that both activities will be suspended for a while and […]

Jun, 26
Dear Vote Leave supporter

Dear Vote Leave supporter

Dear Vote Leave supporter Many of you have told me to leave the UK. And I’d really, really like to. I know that it isn’t a place friendly to me or my values and I’d […]

Jun, 25

A pledge of allegiance… to Scotland

The referendum result has been with us for less than 24 hours, but one, small beacon of hope is starting to shine through the gloom. And it’s this. Scotland is going to vote to leave […]

Jun, 24

A final word

The referendum result was as I expected. The country has enough fascists in it to decide to prejudice future prosperity for a vision of a country that never existed. The course of the referendum was […]

Jun, 24


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