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This article was written on 26 Jun 2016, and is filled under Uncategorised.

Scorched earth

I volunteer out on the streets, with drunks and the homeless, at weekends. And I also donate blood platelets. The decision I’ve come to is that both activities will be suspended for a while and the assumption is that they may be done away with altogether. People I know are asking me why I’ve had this change of heart and the answer is terribly simple. Britain voted to leave the European Union and I don’t want Britain to benefit from my participation.

Giving platelets and working out on the streets are hardly going to stop the nation functioning, but I can deny my active role in it. Some things I can’t avoid if I want to remain at liberty, such as paying taxes, obeying speed limits and other, annoying legal technicalities, but for the most part, any sense I have of active involvement in this society is now ended. That means that I no longer want to do anything that may benefit any of its members. You want to get drunk and die of exposure? Go for it. Have a health condition that platelets may have benefited? Tough.

This selfishness does have a positive outcome. My ethics previously prevented me from working for people whose values I didn’t respect. That, too, has now gone by the wayside. I will happily take money from anyone, irrespective of their intentions, in pursuit of my own financial self-interest. There is an overarching goal here, of course. I aim to amass sufficient money to leave this country and take up residency somewhere else. In time, I will apply to become a citizen of that country and, as soon as I have the citizenship papers in my hand, will be returning my British passport.

That, however, is far in the future. My world, right now, is me, my partner and my cat. And, of course, my work. Those are perfectly capable of sustaining my existence. I’ve stopped watching the news, which I formerly regarded as being necessary to from a political opinion, because I have no intention of involving myself in the nation’s politics. Whatever it does and whoever it chooses to elect are no longer any business of mine. If the people want Nigel Farage as their leader, it’s hardly my place to try and talk them out of it.

In addition, there are other consequences of the decision to leave the EU which I intend to make felt closer to home. There are four, close familial relationships which I have severed and a few friendships which will also be allowed to wither through inattention. No matter. Were those people to be dying and to ask for me at their bedside they could go and bollocks. I will, by that time comes, hopefully be in another country and they will neither know my email address or my mobile phone number, so that is another issue that solves itself.

This is, in short, a scorched earth policy. You can vote for racists and xenophobes if you want, but please don’t be so naive as to imagine that your actions don’t have consequences. I’m only one person among the huge, bovine herd, but if I can adversely affect the lives of a few British people who voted to leave the European Union, it won’t have been in vain. I’m here for a couple of years of waiting until I can make a success of my new life abroad. To the Scots? Good luck. You’re genuinely inspiring. To the English? You made your bed. Have fun lying in it.

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