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As it became clear that Hitler was appallingly crackers, several plots formed whose intention was to assassinate him. All had various motivations from, in the thirties, killing a lunatic who was clearly going to drag Germany into a world war to, once it had started, killing a lunatic who had the military nous of a mollusc. All of them failed. We can be glad of that, because it stopped Nazis pretending that they had been stabbed in the back, rather than having their state smashed around their ears by the Red Army, but there’s a lesson there for Britain.

In the wake of Brexit, numerous kind and decent people have raised their voices on Twitter to speak up for kindness and tolerance, and against the kind of small, instinctive racism and xenophobia that this country does so well. They are right to do so. Decency shouldn’t perish just because any hope of its reward, on this mortal plain, has died. However. They also place themselves in the position of people like Stauffenberg, one of the plotters on Hitler’s life. How so?

Stauffenberg was a German patriot who did not want to see his country destroyed and who had worked out, by 1944, that that was on the cards. He sought to avert the catastrophe that had to happen for Germany to be cleansed of evil. And the people who oppose Brexit are the same. Now that fascism is here, and is part of daily life the only way out if for this country to be utterly and totally destroyed as a coherent entity. There should be no compromises, no attempt to avert the course of history at this late stage.

Destruction can happen in numerous ways and, indeed, means numerous things. Scotland can pull away from the United Kingdom decisively, which ends the existence of the nation in its present from and which I absolutely welcome. Just because England has gone fascist, there’s no reason on Earth why Scotland should follow suit. The other so-called ‘home’ nations can decide what they want to do. Wales is clearly too weak and backward looking to go it alone, so will side with England while Northern Ireland is unfathomable.

What happens on the world markets is, however, a different story. Millions of pounds are being wiped off the value of British companies, financial institutions are going to quietly start moving jobs offshore and the country is going to be as profitable as a man who pitches up a burger van outside MacDonald’s, cuts ten pence off the price and wonders why he isn’t making any money. In time, the immigrants who have made this country bearable and who, among other things, make the health service work, will get bored with the racism and the xenophobia and bugger off.

I don’t blame them. If knuckle-dragging fuckwits confronted me on my daily commute or sneered at me when I was serving them coffee, I’d come to the same conclusion and start using any family or friends who lived overseas as a gateway to a better life. The result, on concert with financial chaos, is that Britain will cease to be viable. Nobody will want to business here, people will lose their jobs and the company will go past recession into whatever the next phase is. A crash, I assume, or dictatorship. Who knows.

With this is mind, I find myself in the position of some minor, Weimar functionary when Germany was being bombed and invaded. My risk of being blown to pieces by the American or British air forces is ever-present, as is my risk of being killed by the Red Army. That, I’m afraid, is a risk that I’m prepared to take. I want to see this state being maimed and then laid low because it’s the only thing that makes sense to my system of values. The one thing that can save the kind people, the decent people and the ones who don’t spit on Poles or any one else who isn’t white, is outside intervention from people who are better human beings than us.

The people of Britain have demonstrated, as if proof was needed, that they’re too stupid to be allowed their own country and their own decision-making apparatus, as the decisions that come out of it make zero sense. In the same way that you wouldn’t give a toddler a chainsaw or give a Nazi control over your country, we need to have autonomy plucked from our grasp and given to some adults. In Germany, the Nazis held power for 12 years until they destroyed their country and ultimately broke it into two pieces for the next fifty years. I have no idea where this road is taking the country I have happened to be born in, but the signs I’ve seen are that it’s nowhere good.

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