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The Bothersome Man

‘The Bothersome Man’ is a film of understated genius. It’s Norwegian, has subtitles and is as darkly comic as anything before or since. This blog contains spoilers so, if you want to treat yourself to […]

Jun, 21

UKIP and the bland face of domestic fascism

The fascist does not wear a brown uniform, boots and carry a sign that helpfully says ‘Deutschland Erwache.’ That was fascism that was particular to a certain place, a certain time and, the actions of […]

Jun, 19

Mental illness and Brexit as fascism

I’ve had mental illness. Or, rather, I have mental illness, because there are times, and days, and weeks when the fog won’t lift. My mental illness generally means that I’m scared and anxious, have no […]

Jun, 17

The final reason to vote Remain

This is a post in response to the news about Jo Cox, although it was already half written in my head anyway, before her murder. My Dad was the first person in my family, in […]

Jun, 16

Sweet dreams of Sweden

This is what my dream is. I want to write it down so that, when the end comes and I’m lying in a hospital bed, marinaded in my own wee and smelling of sweaty pork […]

Jun, 16

Britain: it’s over

In 1979, Margaret Thatcher came to power. Almost every government policy we’ve seen since then, from Tories and Labour, in their Tory-lite guise, have been aimed at breaking up the Attlee government’s policies and ones […]

Jun, 16

Prayer is NOT a substitute for action

‘All you can do now is pray.’ This is a sentence I’ve heard a lot of since the attack on the gay nightclub in Orlando and it’s also one that I’ve heard a lot of […]

Jun, 13


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