Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Jeremy sodding Corbyn

When he was elected, I thought Jeremy Corbyn was a breath of fresh air. He’d detoxify Labour after the Iraq fiasco, banish memories of Gordon Brown’s belligerent incompetence and get the party back on track, […]

Jul, 13


If you’re left wing and believe in change, England isn’t the place for you. We’ve essentially been governed by the same bunch of people since the Norman Conquest who are infinitely clever, because they’ve worked […]

Jul, 13

Why I hate England (with every fibre of my being)

I’ve been asked why I don’t like Britain. Or, more particularly, England. And it’s a fair question. My only hesitation in answering it is knowing where to start. Do I go for politics, or something […]

Jul, 11

Brexit – the future for your correspondent

Things happen for a reason. When I had my breakdown, I found the circumstances around it baffling. I’d tried to be a good person, tried to do the right thing in difficult situations and yet […]

Jul, 10

A farewell to voting

Do you like voting? Do you like going into the polling booth on election day with your little pencil and putting a cross next to the person or people you want to win? Does it […]

Jul, 09

Andrea Leadsom: a tribute in shit

Holy Trinity Brompton is the capital city, sorry, church, of the Alpha Course. It attracts people who go on to be a certain type of Christian. They’re middle class, have good jobs and now want […]

Jul, 09

The fun world of the non-mad Christian

For the first five minutes after I say that I attend Quaker meetings and subscribe to Christian values, I have to issue a series of caveats. No, I’m not homophobic. Yes, I support gay marriage […]

Jul, 08


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