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The Age of Hopelessness

The following post contains a truth.

And that truth is that if you’re left wing, you may as well cut your head off and fry it in garlic.

At the referendum, half the country revealed itself to be either xenophobic or possessed of the kind of knee-jerk racism that you hear from your grandma when she bangs on about darkies and how you can’t get nigger brown shoe polish anymore. The Tories have opened up the kind of lead in the polls which suggests that the Corbynite Labour Party will consist of him and a couple of MPs from some northern hell-hole and Farage is best friends with Trump. It’s over.

Just how over can be seen from the Labour hustings in which the opposition which the country needs more than ever has fallen into the hands of a brigade of smiley-faced Marxist wankers, with someone who his own mum probably can’t remember having as the only voice of sanity and opposition. Whatever the result, and at the time of writing, it seems likely that The Cunt Corbyn is going to win, Labour are effectively over as a political party. If Scotland gets its arse in gear and goes independent, the whole process will go a lot faster, but it’s clear that this is a right wing country now.

Blair, a man who I hate and would happily see fired into the heart of the Sun, knew this and set about selling faintly left wing policies to the most stupid and ill-informed voting public in the western world, with the possible exception of Austria, while being, essentially, a Tory wet. There is nobody, repeat, nobody on the Labour benches with an ounce of the venal bastard’s brains, so they’re royally and irredeemably stuffed. Wind the clock on a bit, and it’ll be seen as a good result for Labour if they get fifty MPs.

Meanwhile, UKIP are getting ready to sell hard to the racists and xenophobes who presently vote Labour because they always have done and they want them to advantage people like them, by which they mean white people, and definitely not Asians or blacks. I think they’ll do rather well, because a sizeable element in the Labour Party are absolute howling morons. This, in concert with little Nigel suddenly becoming a world statesman, does not bode well.

A taste of what eternal Tory or perhaps even UKIP rule might be like was provided when we were all mocking Corbyn’s bizarre performance on the train and the Tories were starting to dismantle the Human Rights Act. In the New Jerusalem that they’re building, along with its ‘British Bill of Rights,’ we’ll be lucky if we can choose which hand to wipe our arses with. As to fair trials and union representation, you can forget it. Unions will probably be outlawed and anyone who didn’t for a right wing party will have to register as a subversive.

For humanity, this is truly an Age of Hopelessness. You can vote for whoever you want at the ballot box, lefties, because there are rather more self-interested cockwits who want lower taxes so that they can go into debt to watch someone dry hump a souffle in the Great British Bake Off on a slightly bigger TV, and bugger anyone else who wants to use a library or a community facility. The only people who will mourn those are losers and povvoes like me, and we’re easily disregarded. Who will want to admit to having been left wing, anyway, when it’s been so clearly defeated?

The hallmark of the Age of Hopelessness will be that some people want change, perhaps even a large minority, but they won’t be able to have it because there are more idiots who will always vote the way that the media tells them. Against that, there really is no way reason can prevail. If they read it in the Mail or, heaven help humanity, The Express, then it’s probably true and that will lead their voting intentions. And against that wall of stupid, which is impermeable to reason, nothing can ever win.

Abandoning party politics, and recognising that it’s the domain of the right doesn’t preclude people from doing works of compassion like food banks and outreach to people who are vulnerable. In fact, it becomes imperative, because they’re picking up the slack that the state isn’t remotely interested in. When statistics proved that more people were using food banks, the Mail readers and their ghastly cohort airily waved them away and said that it was so they could afford Sky. You can’t prevail in the face of this, but you can be there for people when they need you.

Society is about to enter a new dark age from which it isn’t going to emerge. People will be told to hate or fear everyone different from them, which is bad news for Muslims, disabled people and anyone else who sounds foreign, which is why voluntary groups are going to have to back those people up even more, because a disproportionate burden will be falling on them. And the people who read the Express and the Mail will think it’s fine, until they’re wrong, but by that stage, there won’t be anyone to speak for them.

True hell starts when Parliament sits again, because we really haven’t seen anything yet.

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