Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage


You’re fat, you’re pushing fifty and you’re a bloke. Additionally, you like real ale, which explains why you’re fat, and you like girls in stockings and corsets, because you have the sexual wit of a […]

Aug, 27

The Age of Hopelessness

The following post contains a truth. And that truth is that if you’re left wing, you may as well cut your head off and fry it in garlic. At the referendum, half the country revealed […]

Aug, 27

The burkini ban and handing in my Left card

There now follows an opinion from a white, straight male about the burkini fiasco that is currently happening in France. Were you to be of a sensitive disposition, you would be advised to look away […]

Aug, 26

A blog for a friend

You asked me a while ago about empathy, because you thought that a man you like may not display it enough. Since then, the thought has been sat at the back of my mind, and […]

Aug, 23

Magazine Man and Magazine Woman

I had a conversation with my partner this morning where we both talked about the magazines that we’d read and jokingly came up with the idea of ‘Magazine Man’ and ‘Magazine Woman.’ Both of them […]

Aug, 20

Labour, Corbyn and exile

For my whole adult life and a bit before, I’ve positioned myself relative to the Labour Party. Was I to the left or right of them on whatever issue there was and how I felt […]

Aug, 09

Protest, society, the individual and me

Someone shared a picture today of a Suffragette being arrested while petitioning for the right to vote. Suffrage is a complicated issue because wherever it has been extended, there has been concomitant social change, which […]

Aug, 08


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