Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Poldark: shirts on

Either objectification is universally wrong, or it isn’t. I don’t want a world where strong female protagonists are wearing unrealistically skimpy clothes and crying when something bad happens, folding into the arms of a man […]

Sep, 11

A (former) comprehensive school pupil writes

This blog requires the reader to hold two ideas in their head at the same time. Firstly, that I think the only schools in existence should be faith-free state schools on the comprehensive model and, […]

Sep, 10

Fabric, drugs and club culture

Fabric the nightclub is closing. Over in Bermondsey, ground used by Millwall FC for various reasons, some of it relating to the local community, has been made subject to a compulsory purchase order and plans […]

Sep, 09

Protest is pointless redux

I said in another blog that protest was pointless. And I stand by it. Going on a march, shouting slogans and listening to speakers might feel great for the people there, it might be a […]

Sep, 09

Tories, faith and hopelessness

It happens. In fact, it comes with the turf. You’re grinding along, going to your place of worship, whatever that might look like, you talk to God, you think about faith-related stuff during the day […]

Sep, 08

The working class

I decided earlier on this year that I was no longer a lefty. The paradoxes were too much to ignore and the prim, self-righteous fury of the Corbyn supporters too risible. So I burned by […]

Sep, 04

Protest is pointless

‘And we went on the march and it was great. There were so many people there who thought just like we do. I feel really energised. Affirmed, even. I’ve never been so confident that change […]

Sep, 04


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