Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Wanting to be German

Knowledge of my great-granddad’s war service is sketchy. We know that he was probably under age when he joined up, we know that he served with the Royal Scots, despite not previously having left Nottingham […]

Oct, 21

Spankmuffin Aviation and the job from hell

On Monday, I went to a recruitment event with a company we’ll call Spankmuffin Aviation. The jobs on offer were for staff to help people at the check-in at large airport, because the days of […]

Oct, 19

Ched Evans and the Forgettable Men

They are the forgettable men. They move among us, in their pointy leather shoes and shirts from TM Lewin, selling advertising space, or selling properties, but generally selling something, living wholly generic lives. They go […]

Oct, 16

Asking for money (well, donations)

So. When I wrote the blog entitled ‘The end,’ depression was raging. And it’s being left up there because if anyone wants to see what it’s like to have deprression, then it’s as clear a […]

Oct, 15

The end

I admit it. I was wrong. When I started out on what I hilariously call my career path twenty something years ago, I made what I now recognise was an epic mistake. I wanted my […]

Oct, 10

The mirthless, dead-eyed hell of banter

Men like to have an exit. We like to have a line of retreat, clearly marked and delineated, so that we can scuttle back inside ourselves just in case we’re over-exposed. It’s why some of […]

Oct, 06

The liberal not-elite

I’d like to introduce myself as part of the liberal not-elite. You see, I’m as pink as they come, believing in a huge range of socialist causes and holding environmental concerns that place me firmly […]

Oct, 05


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