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This article was written on 15 Oct 2016, and is filled under Uncategorised.

Asking for money (well, donations)


When I wrote the blog entitled ‘The end,’ depression was raging. And it’s being left up there because if anyone wants to see what it’s like to have deprression, then it’s as clear a delineation of what the condition says to you, what it whispers in your ear, as any I could imagine writing when I’m well.

That said, there’s an idea in there which is worth rescuing. Writing in an intensely open and revelatory way and getting nothing back other than a few hundred spam comments which mean that I’ve had to close the comments facility feels like shouting into a void. The comments I do get, that are genuine and that do not wish me immediate harm, are rather lovely, but have necessarily had to go with the closure of the comment facility. Which is a sod, but there we go.

For this reason, I’m going to open a ‘donations’ tab. Work at the moment is very, very hard to come by and while the wolf isn’t yet at the door, he’s definitely edging up the garden, thinking about trying his luck. I’m applying for writing work left, right and centre, as well as minimum wage jobs from places nearby to keep the money coming in.

Whether you want to donate is absolutely up to you. I don’t know what your financial circumstances are and I don’t know what your opinion is of my writing. But if you feel inclined to donate, please do. It’s mean a lot to me and it’d really bloody help,


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