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This article was written on 13 Nov 2016, and is filled under Uncategorised.

The rise of the idiots

Democracy makes the present triumph of stupidity almost inevitable. Back in the days before universal education and before suffrage had been extended to everyone, a lot of people just didn’t bother and wouldn’t have been qualified if they had. Now, people have been educated just enough to think that their voice ought to matter and everyone can vote and is, indeed, warmly encouraged to do so. This has brought the idiots out in force and to making themselves heard in a siren song. And Trump and Farage are the logical end point. We have, in every sense, arrived.

The idiots want life to be like it was before all these immigrants – which generally means anyone who isn’t white – were in their societies. They want to hark back to a time when men were in charge and when, more importantly, the nation state was sovereign. The border you were born behind was the border you lived and, largely, died behind. I say ‘largely’ because the price you pay for having lots of nation states all trying to assert themselves is that they often bang into each other and the price for that is that each pours its young men onto a battlefield where they kill each other to find out whose old politicians were right.

Trump’s clarion call was just this. He wanted to ‘make America great again.’ The Brexit people said something similar. They wanted people to ‘believe in Britain’ as though believing in a landmass is a substitute for trade and economic confidence. The pound is the year’s worst performing currency and, while Brexit hasn’t happened yet, there are already fiscal signs of what will happen when it does, but if we ‘believe,’ perhaps we won’t notice. This is, of course, babble. Belief and bellicose insistence aren’t substitutes for facts and for realising that the world works in a certain way. You can go on believing in the greatness of country X and Y until your ears fall off, but if that country is merrily sawing up international treaties and refusing to trade with people, it won’t get you far.

However, the idiots have decided this is what they want. In the words of Michael Gove, they’re sick of listening to the experts who give them advice, so they want to make decisions purely on the basis of what they feel. Would it feel better if their flag of choice flew above public buildings? Yes, they say. Should all these brown people go away so they can get on with being white people in what they see as a white country? Of course. But what happens when the decisions that they’ve taken in the ballot booth which bring these things about result, say, in them losing their jobs or in their healthcare system failing? Who will they blame? There’s no point asking them, because they’ll be shouting slogans and blaming someone else.

Make no mistake – I’m not calling for a resistance to this, because any country contains more idiots than wise people, and the true horror of democracy is that the vote of someone like Stephen Hawking counts as much as the old racist in the pub who can barely spell ‘nigger’. The only places which stand any chance of resisting this rise are those in which the voting system makes it very unlikely. In America, the insanity of the Electoral College makes sure that a mass of idiots are always rewarded provided there are enough of them in each state and in the UK, the first past the post system means that you effectively get a dictatorship by any other name in which Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha says what’s going to happen to you. It’s no coincidence that it’s these two nations that have gone the most luridly mad.

There is no solution to this that the idiocracy would countenance. The opposition to the idiocracy are as bad as the idiocracy themselves. In Britain, we have the simple-minded Corbyn supporters and in America they have the protesters who set fire to their own communities. They are no more tenable than the thing they purport to oppose but seem to feed off. Twitter is presently alive with talk of resistance and protest, neither of which will ever work. In the UK, people marched to overturn the EU referendum result, to no avail. They signed endless petitions. None of it will work here or in the US for the simple reason that they’re outnumbered by idiots who have already voted for their idiot option and want to see it pass into law.

For the people who can get away from this, then do. Apply for jobs, get them, emigrate and then change your citizenship, which is precisely what I’m attempting. The people left behind, which I still fear may include me, will have no choice but to fall quiet because it’s too unsafe to do otherwise. A person who votes for idiocy won’t think twice about shouting at you or worse. The people who have the most to fear are those who look most different from the idiots’ ideal of white perfection and who are taking some very real risks just by existing. More than anything else, 2016 is the start of the idiots’ rise to power. All that follows is hopeless.

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