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A man sees sense

Perhaps this is a staging post on the way to becoming a Tory, or perhaps it’s a destination in itself, but I realise with more weariness than anything else that I’m no longer left, or right. I’m part of that great, lumpen mass in the middle I used to despise, comprising people too stupid to care or too cynical and bored by the idiot antics of both sides to even bother going to the polling station and actually validating one of the fools by voting for them. Let’s look at how the right are, well, right, first and then, if we haven’t all hung ourselves, we’ll look at the left.

Firstly. They’re absolutely right about what they call Social Justice Warriors. These are the people who don’t really DO anything, but dribble on about their views and strike positions about it on Twitter, like Rik from The Young Ones, so that we can all see how virtuous they are. The people who actively want to make a difference in whatever way are actually doing it and don’t, generally, have time for online posing. Online activism is, largely, a sop to the ego of people who can’t be arsed to actually leave their bedrooms but want to feel, in some great and nebulous way, like they’re Doing Something and need the validation of a cause. This, I regret to say, was me, for a long time, a great heaving wanker striking poses and being ideologically pure. There was no right-on cause I wouldn’t fashion myself to like a leg-humping terrier, my Jizz of Idealism flecked up the Leg of Reality so everyone could see.

Happily, I’ve now come to my senses and, were I to meet me as I was a couple of years ago, I’d cheerfully push me in front of a large, moving vehicle, along with all the SJW dreck I used to affect to believe, without actually thinking about it.Heavily linked to this is virtue signalling, which I spent ages trying to deny I did, but which is actually done almost universally across the left. You see an argument which you have absolutely nothing to do with and which does not concern you in any way taking shape online, but sail into them anyway, preferably watched by a crowd of equally soft-brained inadequates, all of whom will clap and cheer at your impenetrable righteousness. Again, that behaviour is risible. Issues are best left to those who care, not tourists.

You see it best in America, where Black Lives Matter protestors, among others, have been getting terribly angry with white people who try and be allies in the ‘wrong’ way or who wear safety pins as a show of support because, y’know, that isn’t enough. Well, bollocks to that. They can take their protest and shove it up their arses. I spoke in support of a feminist in the ‘wrong’ way and she got equally annoyed, so now feminism is of no further interest to me. As per her wishes, I’ve backed well away from it, with zero intentions of returning. This is not to say that people shouldn’t accept criticism or correction when it’s needed, because just about everyone occasionally needs to be schooled occasionally. But when the criticism gets too het up, too vitriolic, just walk away and, for pity’s sakes, don’t stay where you’re not wanted. Activism has a weird way of slowly eating the ideologically impure and, having been on the fringes of it, it’s really rather unsightly.

Such are the criticisms levelled by the right, all of which are accurate.SJWs really are annoying, virtue signalling is ridiculous and, as they rightly point out, having people on your own side who hate you suggests you needn’t bother. In addition, the left are singularly talented at blowing their feet off, rather than just shooting them. Look at Corbyn. Elected on a universal wave of lefty acclamation, he’s turned out to be an absolute disaster with no discernible leadership skills or talent for rhetoric that anyone can see. Instead of recognising this, people start up idiocies like The Canary, where badly subbed, halfarsed pieces are foisted on an audience of like minds, minds who also say things like #WeAreHisMedia, as though the rest of the country gives a pebbly shit what someone from Tooting thinks about his latest speech in defence of biracial dwarves.

At the moment, the left is clattering around, much like it always has done, arguing with itself, denouncing itself and, just like in the good old Stalinist days, deciding whether or not to rally behind a leader with a hard-on for mass murder and explosions. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because, as events have proved, they’re only fleetingly relevant. America and Britain are both right wing countries who occasionally vote for what would have been called a ‘wet,’ provided he makes the right noises, but are both happier when they’re being led by someone who doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone who isn’t white and has middle class pretensions. Against that kind of iron certainty, having an opinion about Cuba doesn’t really carry much weight and, frankly, I’d rather be shafted by someone competent than inept.

There remains the issue of Brexit, but even my interest in this is starting to wane. If we can get associate EU membership, any voice I wanted to raise against it is muted. I’m still applying for jobs in the EU, albeit with all the optimism of a terminally ill smoker, and my long term goal is to get the hell away from here, which is made rather easier by the associate membership option, which removes the time constraint and places me at liberty to apply for jobs more selectively. The idiots voted to leave the EU and, won’t, presumably, want anything to do with it, which suddenly makes it look like paradise. For risible left and frankly mad right, it’ll be business as usual, but they can now leave me out of it.

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