Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Muhammad Ali, Emmett Till… and Donald Trump

“Emmett Till and I were about the same age. A week after he was murdered, I stood on the corner with a gang of boys, looking at pictures of him in the black newspapers and […]

Jan, 30

If I Can Dream

To the people who know Elvis as a fat man who wore jumpsuits and died on the toilet, parodied by people, both serious and mocking, on an almost hourly basis, I invite you to consider […]

Jan, 29

On death

I am a genetic accident. My half-remembered knowledge of sixth form biology is such that I know that I owe various aspects of my personality to the way genes interacted at the moment of my […]

Jan, 27

The ascent of the New Thinking

There’s a scene at the end of ‘Seven,’ the film with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt which sticks in my mind. Freeman, the old and wise detective who, along with dear, sweet Brad, the new […]

Jan, 13


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