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The ascent of the New Thinking

There’s a scene at the end of ‘Seven,’ the film with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt which sticks in my mind. Freeman, the old and wise detective who, along with dear, sweet Brad, the new and idealistic younger one, already has the serial killer John Doe in custody, is told to go to a remote location and open a box. As he peers inside, he says, simply, that ‘John Doe has the upper hand now,’ marking the point where the serial killer, who we had all assumed had failed in his perverted motives, finally won, right at the eleventh hour.

And the reason why this is on my mind is that this is essentially what politics is. The right, the people we assumed had been eclipsed, have won. They not only have the upper hand, but they have it crushingly and convincingly. Trump, Brexit, Le Pen’s pending victory in the French presidential election, the fact that Farage has rewritten the political map of Britain, all point to their triumph. The left, more concerned about what it should call someone who has a penis and wears a dress and whether the BAFTAs are racist, has slept through all of it, only waking, if indeed they have, to find out that nobody is listening to them. Much like, in fact, that CNN bloke at Trump’s press conference, overlooked and sidelined.

Let’s be clear about what this means. While Obama spent last night hanging some kind of irrelevant medal around Biden’s neck and everyone had a big old cry about it, the old order, the world we thought we lived in, the generally tolerant place that wanted to get better and more humane, is pretty much over. This, then, is the Old Thinking, which takes in Obama, but also the past Labour governments in the UK and even that of Major which, by comparison, looks like some past, Edenic age that we should all remember as some golden period when we were all wiping our arses on five pound notes. By contrast, the New Thinking really is very, very different.

The New Thinking doesn’t give a fuck about minorities. Just look at Putin’s Russia if you want to see how this pans out. Gay people aren’t having a terribly nice time of it and Dobby himself has said that ‘they need Russia more than Russia needs them.’ If you’re gay in a Western country that’s fine, but if you’re visibly not white, then you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. You either act like you’re one of the white people, in which case you really need to forget about showing ANY signs of religious affiliation or doing anything other, culturally, than having eight pints on a Friday night and talking about tits, and, for heaven’s sakes, try and lose the accent if you have one. Sounding like you’re foreign is a one way ticket to dog shit through the letterbox and coming out of the house to find someone wiping his dick on your Mondeo.

Women and feminism are, needless to say, fucked. That stuff about teaching men and boys to be better people which you and I both believe in? Forget it. The President of the USA talked about ‘grabbing women by the pussy’ and the kind of women the Republicans like are, firstly, nowhere near power and, secondly, the kind of over-coiffed, squeeze-tube people you see in cosmetics commercials. This is what the New Thinking wants – mute acceptance, or ideally, full compliance with what it says are the new rules. Anyone else will either be ignored or mocked so repetitively that they’ll be irrelevant. A friend approached me this week about going into schools and talking about what it means to be male. Why bother? When you have a pussy grabber in chief in the White House, some feeble words from a fat, haggard man aren’t going to change anyone’s mind. The lesson which porn and which people like Trump are teaching is that women are just receptacles for your spunk, which is why most thirteen year olds that you know are orange, with drawn-on eyebrows. That’s what porn stars look like, that’s what the boys like and, against that, nobody stands a chance.

I used to think that ‘getting out of the Anglosphere’ would solve this problem, but it won’t. The New Thinking is everywhere, from Geert Wilders in the Netherlands through to the AfD in Germany and Marine Le Pen in France. It’s the last of these that will finally blow the EU wide open and fracture it into the original statelets it once was, each with its own, odd view of what its best interests are and with a protectionist policy around imports and Them Foreigns, for which, read people who aren’t white. Once this happens, sometime in the next five to ten years, it’ll make Brexit look like… well, we’ll see it in the same way that we see Major’s government now, for all that we thought it was terrible at the time.

There are two ways of responding to this and, before I outline what they are, let’s be clear that the New Thinking doesn’t care, because you’re statistically insignificant. You can think what you want. You’re irrelevant.

You can oppose it. And let me tell you now that this option will hurt and cause you by far the most grief. The New Thinking knows that it can count on the votes of millions of idiots who believe what it says to them and who thinks that dissent is either treasonous or just the product of a lying media. Had Trump taken his cock out and stuffed it up someone’s arse live on stage, they’d wave the images away, saying that they were computer generated or that he was sticking it in liberals’ faces. Some people on Twitter are calling themselves, and get ready to laugh, #TheResistance, because they oppose him. News just in, people: he doesn’t care. Chance are, enough of them look like generic protestors who would object to having dinner if it made them feel good, so they’ll be dismissed, and even if the protests and the marches happen, nobody will care. The rest is just hashtag activism, which is about as much use outside Twitter as a virtual teapot.

My option is to stop bothering which, in fairness, I started doing some time ago. In the General Election I may vote Tory just to fuck Corbyn off, but in general, I’m not really bothered. The referendum result here means that I’m living in a different country to the one I thought I was living in and the other political results mean that, more than that, I’m living in a different world altogether. What narcissists like me need to recognise is that the world will do what it wants, irrespective of what we think and what the New Thinking says is that it’ll do the polar opposite. You don’t win in the face of that. What you do is knuckle under, try and get a job that pays as well as anything you can reasonably expect and leave the politics to the right wingers. You, and me, are not needed.

The one, solitary objection to this which I want to address is that people will say that an individual can change the world. ‘Look at Rosa Parks,’ they say. ‘Look at Gandhi or, if you’re a person of faith, look at Bonhoffer, that great anti-Nazi.’ To this I’d answer that the only reason you’ve heard of them is that they became famous – there were legions of others who failed or who were taken somewhere and quietly shot. Gandhi was an epic sex-pest with a fairly racist take on Africans as well, and Bonhoeffer did nothing other than get killed in Plotzensee Prison while other people won the war. If you want change to come about and, you’re like me, a half-educated prole from a shit school in an unfashionable area of the country, then forget it. The most you can do is to hitch your wagon to someone who is posh and better connected, and probably secretly thinks that you’re a cunt, but even then, the ascent of the New Thinking means that, if you don’t appeal to white racists, you’re fucked.

This is reality, and this is the New Thinking. And whether you like it or not, it doesn’t care.

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