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This article was written on 06 Feb 2017, and is filled under Uncategorised.

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As you may know, I’ve been applying for jobs with the vigour and insistence of a teenage boy who has recently discovered his own genitals. Some of these jobs are in the UK, and God bless their sweet hearts, but I’ve not even had so much as an acknowledgement of my existence, and others are in the EU, where I’ve been having slightly more luck. Well, by ‘slightly more,’ I mean I get email rejections and the odd interview, but people aren’t exactly tripping over each other in the headlong rush to give me a funky new job title and lots of lovely money. Until now.

Incredible as it may seem, I have a meeting with some very nice people in Prague which might, possibly, maybe, perhaps, result in the offer of paid employment doing something that I like and would like to believe that I’m passably good at. I’m being circumspect, you see, because I don’t want them reading this and thinking ‘Blimey, he’s mental – let’s not bother,’ which, at this late stage in the process would be very annoying indeed. I also don’t want them finding the video I made for The Guardian and thinking that I’m a huge liability as that would be equally annoying.

In preparation for life as an economic migrant, I’ve reserved the website as I was actually born on a Thursday, because Thursday’s Child has far to go and because I’ll be needing somewhere to talk about what it’s like to live somewhere when you can’t even reliably say ‘hello’ in the native language. It may all come to naught, in which case I’ll almost certainly be blogging about it and getting angry with the wider world but, for the time being, I seem to be on the cusp of something fun.

And you, gentle reader, will almost certainly be kept informed. One of the accidental benefits of being a huge, overweening narcissist is that you tend to over-share, so hoorah for that.


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