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About the writer

This blog is the product of five writers, some of whom have met and some of whom haven’t. Confusingly, some of us don’t even know who the others are.

As some of them have full time jobs which may result in their being fired were their identities to come to light, their work is published anonymously. Like Fight Club (sort of), the first rule of being Douglas Bastard is that you never say who the Douglas Bastard who wrote the blog actually is, a pact that the people on this site have kept through summary internal enquiries, sackings and, in one recent case, being frogmarched into an office and got jolly angry with. It goes without saying that we’re grateful for our writers who, in American usage, Take One For The Team.

Formerly known under a different name, this blog has had to change its identity for reasons related to this. Some of the opinions here are genuine, some are written purely to spark debate and others just because we were in a bad mood. Its role is solely to give us a place to throw our toys around the spare room and wail about the pain of being alive, which is an estimable occupation for any adult human.

Thank you, and good afternoon.

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