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About the writer

As you’re reading this site, you have a justifiable reason for knowing who I am.

And my name is Richard. I started this blog because I had one attached to my website which I use to get work and found that I was avoiding giving the address to potential clients for fear of them finding out about my depression and my faith and thinking I was insane.

It’d be deeply silly to separate the two and then reveal who I am in painstaking detail, so suffice it to say that I used to write about football and in time, that grew into writing about a whole host of other things. Then the financial crash happened and wiped out most of my client base, so I took a staff job as the editor of Army recruiting publications.

This turned out to be an understandable but deeply wrong decision as my conscience started to bother me and, in the end, I had a complete breakdown as I sought to manage the competing demands of a job that was immoral and a wife who had bipolar disorder. Mental illness, in hindsight, seemed to have been stalking me for years, but when my breakdown happened, it caused me to step away from the job and have a think about my priorities.

That’s a lifelong process, I now realise, but I’m freelance again and, for all that I deeply regret some of the work that I did with the Army, I met some truly inspiring people whose bravery had been savagely misused by knaves and fools. I could go on, but won’t. Along the way, I realised that I was in sympathy with around 90% of Quaker values (the non-violence bit bothers me, as killing fascists seems to be the only way to stop them) and thank them for giving me time and space to articulate my doubts.

If you enjoy the blog, then that’s great. And if you want to email me to tell me that, or that I’m a talentless hack writer who should have his arms torn off, email me on mail [at]