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Imagination revisited

Imagination revisited

I wrote a blog post a while ago about how iPhones and games consoles don’t necessarily suggest the death of imagination nor suggest that the children who are often the principal users are lumpen and […]

Dec, 30
Happy pills

Happy pills

It’s a given that anyone with a pulse and a conscience hates the Daily Mail. But today the headline was so leaden, so stupid and so harmful that I had to break my blogging silence […]

Dec, 29

The Block, Grenfell and the future

I’ve just watched a documentary on BBC iPlayer called ‘The Block.’ It was filmed in 1972, the year before I was born, and shows the lives of residents in what is effectively a slum in […]

Aug, 25

Death, Europe and hypernormality

‘Nobody,’ said Jim Morrison, ‘gets out of here alive.’ We all die, sooner or later, and a pressing sense of our own mortality makes all politics recede. Get a serious diagnosis or lose someone close […]

Aug, 20

Psychic attack

‘Our church is under psychic attack,’ read the email, ‘from the Evil One.’ And that was almost the last communication I had with them, before I decided that any adult human who could type this […]

Jul, 03

Joining a gym

I’ve joined a gym. The doctor says I have high cholesterol and I feel, in my own pale, repellent skin as though I resemble a large pot of lard onto which someone has stuck goggly […]

Jul, 03

Hope and Jeremy Corbyn

If you want to know about hope, ask someone who has lived without it. Ask someone whose hope slowly fell away until they were lying, inanimate in bed, unable to see the point even in […]

Jun, 09


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