Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage


You might see that there’s a post on this site which solicits donations.

And this page is doing that as well. As I explain in the post, opening up my wounds and having a good old poke around them is fairly hard work and rather unrewarding. I’ve had to close the comments pages because, although I was getting some very, very lovely comments I was getting rather more that were either complete nonsense or asking rather bizarre questions, with the result that it feels like bellowing and occasionally keening into a void.

I don’t know anyone’s financial circumstances, I don’t know whether you like my writing or whether you’d rather I stuck my head up my back passage. But if you do want to donate to someone who is rather strapped for cash and applying for minimum wages jobs and for writing jobs as fast as he can makes the applications happen, then do please think about it.

Thanks. Lots.

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