Bateman: New Works par Robert Bateman

Bateman: New Works par Robert Bateman

Titre de livre: Bateman: New Works

Auteur: Robert Bateman

ISBN: 1771640723

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Robert Bateman avec Bateman: New Works

Title: Bateman( New Works) <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: RobertBateman <>Publisher: GreystoneBooks


For Robert Bateman:
"And, of course, Bob Bateman has long since transcended the limited genre of wildlife art, which is why his works are hung in art museums and private collections rather than club rooms, steak houses, and hook-and-bullet bars. It is why he is spoken of around the world in the same breath as Bruno Liljefors and those few other interpreters of the natural world who may be regarded as true painters and creative artists."
—Peter Matthiessen

"Bateman is probably the most distinguished wildlife painter working in the world today"
—International Wildlife

"Robert Bateman has earned unprecedented praise for his meticulous attention to detail and intriguing compositions"
American Artist

For Robert Bateman's Natural Worlds:
"this stunning collection of his paintings, lithographs and sketches--beautifully reproduced in full color--is a tribute to his awareness of the interconnectedness of living things as well as his skill as an artist. The amazingly detailed works are elegant and haunting"
Publishers Weekly

"Mr.Bateman is a superb painter of the animals that he loves and the natural world that they inhabit"
Atlantic Monthly

For Birds:
"The artist's uncanny ability is no less displayed in the backgrounds and settings than in the portraits of the birds."
Publishers Weekly

For The World of Robert Bateman:
"Canadian-born Robert Bateman is that rara avisan articulate artist, able to explain, analyze, and interpret his own work as few painters can. Interested in art and nature early in life, Bateman concentrated on wildlife subjects. After 1962, influenced by an Andrew Wyeth exhibit, he developed his unique style abstract form within realism. In 1981 The Art of Robert Bateman was published, also with Derry, supplying biography and 75 reproductions. Bateman's prolific output in the years since has made possible this new book, with 94 stunning full-color plates, along with photographs of the painter, his family, and friends. Bateman's commentary on individual paintings is a delight. His accurate yet painterly conceptions of wildlife, mammals and birds in their native habitats from Africa to Alaska make this an irresistible volume."
Library Journal

"Exquisitely rendered reproductions capture the magnificent paintings of wildlife artist Robert Bateman, complemented by personal photographs of the artist at work, commentary on artistic methods and technique, and critical analysis of his paintings."

Robert Bateman has been hailed as the most influential wildlife artist of the 20th century. Since his first one-man show in 1967, he has had numerous exhibitions in Canada, in the United States, and abroad — including at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and a recent tour of major galleries in Russia — and his work is held in public and private collections worldwide. His lifelong passion for wildlife and nature led to his second career as an advocate for environmental concerns, a role for which he has received numerous awards and public recognition. Bateman lives in Salt Spring, British Columbia.