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Hating beige (and Theresa May)

Hating beige (and Theresa May)

How do you hate beige? I mean, it’s just a bland colour, the kind of thing you’d paint the toilet or that small room under the stairs, surrendering to a brief lapse in imagination and […]

May, 20 · in Uncategorised

Creative agencies are a massive load of horsewank

If you want to see Capitalism 101 teaching a few, hard lessons, just spend time with any creative agency. Not that it matters what sort of creativity they are involved with, from copywriting to digital […]

May, 17 · in Uncategorised


I was lucky as a kid. I was bored a lot of the time. Growing up as an only child meant that I had nobody to spar against and having parents who deemed time well […]

May, 08

A change of sodding heart

On Wednesday, I went to a large DIY and garden store. Nothing especially unusual there. I live in an old house with a huge garden, which I’m inexpertly trying to tend and which I only […]

Apr, 27


Kingsley Amis said that his waning sex drive came as a relief, as when it flowed in full spate, it was like being fettered to an idiot. I don’t quite have lengthening years to thank, […]

Apr, 24

In praise of Al Bowlly

In the thirties, opera was out of reach of most people. The grand, beautifully overblown gestures, the music that soared to a crescendo and the vaulting emotion were experiences that were for the social elite […]

Apr, 18

An open letter to Joshua D Jones

Heavens, but I’m bored of reading blogs like yours. More particularly, I’m bored of the prescriptive notions that you attach to masculinity and the repetitive zeal with which you articulate them. Men have been invited […]

Apr, 16

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