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Steampunk and life in general: an apology

A while ago I took a pop at steampunk and the people who like it. The blog is still somewhere in the archive if people choose to find it, as to take it down now […]

Apr, 12 · in Uncategorised

Lincolnshire: landscape of memory

The landscape of my memory is very, very flat. There is a thin strip of land, which yields to beach on the far horizon and, above it, a limitless expanse of sky. It is utterly […]

Apr, 10 · in Uncategorised

To Anne Pank

This blog is dedicated to Anne Pank, known on Twitter as @diaryofannepank , who is an absolute star and who you should follow. I don’t know what she looks like and have no idea what she […]

Mar, 31

Lubeck and the idiocy of Article 50

Today sees Theresa May submit the letter signalling the decision by her government to invoke Article 50 and withdraw from the European Union. It also sees the anniversary of the RAF’s raid on the German […]

Mar, 29

The great lie of ‘British values’

I’ve had the chance to do an NVQ in spectator safety as part of my occasional work for a football club as a match day steward. On the principle that you should never refuse a […]

Mar, 28

As if on a darkling plain…

I’ve been winding people up on the Telegraph message boards and Something Has Happened, which I will share. Much as there are two or three times in my life when I said something I thought […]

Mar, 27

Mea culpa

For a long time after the referendum result, I told myself that I wanted to build a life overseas, to persuade my partner that it was viable and then bring her over, too. I don’t […]

Feb, 26

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