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Male sexuality is toxic

Male sexuality is toxic

A thing has happened and, as I don’t have a large friendship group – or even, if we’re being honest, a friendship group – my inclination is to share it online. This might make me […]

Mar, 07 · in Uncategorised
Workplace bullying

Workplace bullying

I want to say something about workplace bullying before my employed life restarts and what has gone before is forgotten under a weight of change. This is important, perhaps because adult men think they can’t […]

Mar, 02 · in Uncategorised
Imagination revisited

Imagination revisited

I wrote a blog post a while ago about how iPhones and games consoles don’t necessarily suggest the death of imagination nor suggest that the children who are often the principal users are lumpen and […]

Dec, 30
Happy pills

Happy pills

It’s a given that anyone with a pulse and a conscience hates the Daily Mail. But today the headline was so leaden, so stupid and so harmful that I had to break my blogging silence […]

Dec, 29

The Block, Grenfell and the future

I’ve just watched a documentary on BBC iPlayer called ‘The Block.’ It was filmed in 1972, the year before I was born, and shows the lives of residents in what is effectively a slum in […]

Aug, 25

Death, Europe and hypernormality

‘Nobody,’ said Jim Morrison, ‘gets out of here alive.’ We all die, sooner or later, and a pressing sense of our own mortality makes all politics recede. Get a serious diagnosis or lose someone close […]

Aug, 20

Psychic attack

‘Our church is under psychic attack,’ read the email, ‘from the Evil One.’ And that was almost the last communication I had with them, before I decided that any adult human who could type this […]

Jul, 03

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