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I follow Broderick Greer on Twitter. And I urge you too, as well. He’s a recently consecrated priest who has done more than anyone else to raise my awareness of racial politics in America and the extent to which black lives are being taken away arbitrarily by the people sworn to protect them. So far, so good. But earlier on, Broderick spoke in support of the Queen. There now follows a form of open letter detailing why I think this is wrong.

The UK is presently being told by its government that we need to tighten our belts and cut our way back to prosperity. I happen not to agree, but that’s by the by. Welfare spending has been slashed, benefits cut and people’s lives have been savagely and brutally curtailed. As a result, homelessness has seen a steep increase and more people who are actually in work are using food banks to make ends meet.

However. There is one family who has been magically exempt from all this fiscal pain, and that’s the Windsors, also known as the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas if we want to be snotty about it and invoke their previous surname. They have no idea what a benefit cut is as it’s us, the people of this country who are hurting as never before, who pay for them. Of course, the real kicker is that we have absolutely no choice in that, but such is our odd system.

The failure to transfer any of this financial pain towards the Windsors is despite the fact that, in terms of property, they sit on several billion pounds of estates over which their claim is tenuous at best. In addition, there is a Royal art collection, unseen by the people – that’d be us, again – who paid for it and which would perhaps command a high price were it to be sold off on the open market.

Of course, none of that has happened. Instead, we’re preached pious sermons about how much they do for charity, which seems to involve shaking hands with people, and shown baby pictures of children who we’ll be paying for until the end of time. Yes, there’s nothing like having your attention so clearly and completely drawn to your own monumental impotence than a two year old laughing in your face.

What Broderick saw and admired was the Queen, taking her car off road to go around a young family. Well, here’s the thing. That young family will be paying for the ones in the car forever. The dad is already paying for them, assuming he has a job, and the kid will get older, start work and then pay for them as well. What she should have done was get out of the car, thank them and then go on her way.

Again, that’s not what happened. They were in the way, these people, and as the Queen was on her way to the state church that fawns over her at every opportunity, they could safely be disregarded. In fact, if you want a symbol of how inherited wealth, power, privilege and a thoroughly co-opted state church is there to legitimise their power, that’s it.

It was a rare mis-step from a man whose (almost) every word I regard as being insightful and full of angry, accurate wisdom, which is why it stands out. In no way is it comparable to the injustices faced by black people in America, but I view the existence of the Royal Family as an injustice all the same, visited on me and everyone else who resents them. In the meantime, you can follow him at @BroderickGreer

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