Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Social media: the end?

I’m signing off Twitter from midnight, May 31st until at least June 23rd. If, as I think, Vote Leave win the referendum, the gloating and right wing triumphalism will be impossible to stomach and Britain […]

May, 30

Why nightclubs are the death of the soul

I’ve just read one of the most witless pieces of rose-tinted, backward facing idiocy that I think I’ve ever suffered to read. It was written by Lauren Laverne and laments the demise of the ‘club […]

May, 30

Choice: the ultimate illusion

In capitalist societies, choice is the ultimate illusion. You walk into Tesco and you can choose between fifty different types of soap power, biscuits and ready meals. When you vote, you get to choose between […]

May, 28

Anti-depressants and my sad bollocks

Ah, anti-depressants. They’ve kept me from killing myself these past few years but there’s a side effect that is worth mentioning. My Citalopram is like being chemically castrated. Orgasm is flattened and suppressed to the […]

May, 25

On suicide

I wrote this a few years ago when I was in a significantly darker place than I am in now. It’s been resurrected by me dredging up fragments from saved documents and splicing them together […]

May, 25

Voting to Remain

I generally, as a rule, don’t vote. My opinion is that all it does is give a rubber stamp to a process that is fundamentally flawed and profoundly undemocratic. When you can have a government […]

May, 17

To Pike, with apologies

Dear Pike I love your passion. Honestly. And I know that sounds patronising, but I feel really nostalgic for the way you see the problems of the world and want to set about fixing them. […]

May, 10


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