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The dark heart of Zoe

I’m binge watching a cartoon series called ‘BoJack Horseman’ on Netflix. There are three series on there, the third of which has recently been released, so I’m re-watching the first two so I can view […]

Jul, 26
Management reserves the right to refuse admission

Management reserves the right to refuse admission

‘Management reserves the right to refuse admission.’ I used to see this sign on or around the kind of clubs and pubs that would turn you away for wearing trainers, but which would welcome in […]

Jul, 22

The ascent of idiocy

Everyone says that we’re into an era of post-fact politics. Normally, I treat what the commentariat say with a limitless amount of disdain, because someone paid for a weekly opinion might have to cast around […]

Jul, 21

The Age of Bafflement

There comes a point in your life where it all starts going beyond you. Before this point, you not only knew what was going on, but were an active participant in it. Politics yielded its […]

Jul, 19

Could Pokemon Go please fuck off?

People are retreating into a fantasy world, chasing thin, ephemeral fantasies that cannot hope to make them happy. Many stare into their mobile phones when in public places, seeking to capture something that remains elusive, […]

Jul, 18

He’s talking about God again

‘They really love Jesus.’ Every time I hear this strikingly anodyne phrase, I want to sick up my own pelvis and then club someone over the head with it. Nothing quite sums up the blanket […]

Jul, 17

Depression and lost independence

One of the hardest things to come to terms with when you’re recovering from depression is that you’ve lost control over your life. This is especially true for me, as I’m that most awful of […]

Jul, 14


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