Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage


When I was growing up, the biggest threat to life and limb was being blown up by an IRA bomb. Pubs, shopping streets, hotels and just about any other facet of life in this country […]

Sep, 30

Jim Rockford, America and wood veneer

When I was very, very young, I remember going to bed at about the same time The Rockford Files started, with its distinctive theme tune. What captured my juvenile imagination, though, was the way the […]

Sep, 30

The nature of evil

My brief time with an evangelical church had a lot of Satan in it. He was generally referred to as ‘The Evil One’ and regularly invoked, because the quickest way to make people band together […]

Sep, 30

Do the right thing

Many years ago, when I was a baby freelancer and the world was young and fresh, I was sent to interview someone who is quite famous. This person who was quite famous had previously invited […]

Sep, 24

Crying like a man

Last night, I cried. ‘So what,’ you say. ‘It’s 2016, Richard, you idiot. Men are allowed to cry and to feel emotion.’ Well, yes, they are. But I cried after weeks of feeling angry and […]

Sep, 16

The Lager Years

I’ve just made joking reference in conversation to a period of my life I call ‘The Lager Years.’ This period of ten plus years, during which I left school, went to university, got a job, […]

Sep, 15

Advice to freshers (from an old fart)

Hello. I’m an old fart, which may dispose you towards ignoring this advice. However. Read it, and, if needed, tuck it somewhere at the back of your brain, because what I’m saying here is hard-won […]

Sep, 14


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