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The Rabbit’s New Year message

The Rabbit’s New Year message

There is such a thing as a sustaining fib. When you wake up, get dressed and leave the house, you do so in the conviction that everything will be fine. That, of course, may be […]

Dec, 28

The Rabbit’s Christmas message

Hope, in the second half of the year, has proved elusive. There was the pure, blunt-force trauma of waking up to find that people had voted to leave the European Union and later in the […]

Dec, 19

A man sees sense

Perhaps this is a staging post on the way to becoming a Tory, or perhaps it’s a destination in itself, but I realise with more weariness than anything else that I’m no longer left, or […]

Dec, 12

The man in the corner: living with depression

Let’s imagine that your head, our heads, are much like the room I’m sitting in now. There’s a sofa, a couple of chairs, bookcases and a light. For most people, most of the time, this […]

Dec, 10

Dead AA Gill

Oh, but he was so terribly clever, wasn’t he? Awfully witty. And the way that he moved seamlessly from a gilded early life to writing columns for the newspaper owned by that Australian person was […]

Dec, 10

All About The Feels

If we live in a post-fact age, the departure of said facts must have left a vacuum which something will fill. This is the law of things. And you don’t have to look too far […]

Dec, 06

The new quietism

The right has won. Trump is in the ascendant in the US, Britain voted for Brexit and the election of Le Pen in France will finally blow the EU apart altogether. Right wing parties are […]

Dec, 04


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