Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage

Mea culpa

For a long time after the referendum result, I told myself that I wanted to build a life overseas, to persuade my partner that it was viable and then bring her over, too. I don’t […]

Feb, 26

Emotional vulnerability

My breakdown put me in a car and drove me to a place before leaving me with one simple set of instructions. They were that I was to continue to walk from there by myself. […]

Feb, 20

Me and conflict

I’ve seen a lot of right wingers accusing people they’re arguing with of being ‘triggered’ as though it’s all a bit of a laugh and anyone who gets irked when they’re spouting racist bilge is […]

Feb, 09

Some news

Hello. As you may know, I’ve been applying for jobs with the vigour and insistence of a teenage boy who has recently discovered his own genitals. Some of these jobs are in the UK, and […]

Feb, 06

The Brain Centre At Whipple’s

The drive to profit, pursued above all else, leaves no room for human dignity. Such is the theme of ‘The Brain Centre at Whipple’s,’ an episode of sixties series ‘The Twilight Zone,’ which contains more […]

Feb, 06

Why you need to know about Tintin

Studying English literature at university exposed me, often reluctantly, to some great works of art. From prose to poetry and plays, it was a three year immersion in Marlowe, which I loved, Chaucer which I […]

Feb, 03

My shameful love for SpongeBob SquarePants

I hate that I’m writing this, just as I want to hate the cartoon that it’s about. And yet I can’t. I think it’s as close to genius as popular, mainstream entertainment ever gets, as […]

Feb, 01


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