Douglas Bastard's Rants of Rage


Depression: the anti-capitalist disease

We are all supposed to be happy consumers. Buying a bigger TV will make us happy. Women or men will look admiringly at our new car. Lovable families will frolic on our new sofa. Even […]

Nov, 30

The lost art of making stuff – and ignoring focus groups

When Ford put out all the bilious flummery around the Ford Focus, they said that focus groups had played such an important part in its gestation that they had decided to name the car after […]

Nov, 05

Sergeant Blackman

For a long period of time, I was closely involved with the Army. I spoke , often intimately, to people who had been involved in combat operations and worked hard to gain an insight into […]

Oct, 29

The unbalanced love of Welsh football

When I had my breakdown, I can remember lying there, on my side, and hearing on the news that Gary Speed had killed himself. To the uninitiated, Gary Speed was the coach of the Welsh […]

Oct, 27


Intolerance that screams and shouts is easy to oppose. When you see the Westboro Baptist Church with its lurid signs, or see people like Oswald Mosley strutting around in a preposterous uniform, you think that […]

Oct, 22

Denmark is a world of foaming arse

Most love stories involve at least one of the protagonists finding the other so beguiling that they are blind to their faults. They spend time with them, are beguiled by them and find themselves making […]

Oct, 18


Men don’t like people who stand out in any way. It seems to make us feel troubled and insecure. If someone does something exceptional, whether it’s the clothes they wear, the attitudes they have or […]

Oct, 18


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